Automotive Labels

High performance labels meeting automotive standards, used on the interior and the exterior of the vehicle. izrek, has produced millions of automotive labels utilizing the experience it has accumulated over time.



Digital Printing and Related Applications

Digital printing and related applications refer to the digital printing of designs either submitted by the client or made by the company, and the subsequent on-site application of same by a professional team of staff.

Industrial Labels

Industrial labels are those that are used in many different industries including automotive, electronics, logistics, appliances, aviation, mechanical, chemical, food products, etc. These labels have always been a necessity for companies, with regard to issues such as productivity enhancement, product quality and performance improvement, visual features and identity attainment.


Custom Designed Cuts

Custom designed cuts are those practical solutions that have been pre-cut and shaped according to the request of the client, and they speed up the assembly line process extensively, thus increasing efficiency. This type of application is widely used especially in automotive, appliances and electronics industries.