izrek Company established in 1987, the company has focused on various promotion and advertising products during the first years of its start-up. Having attuned its company format to the needs of the automotive industry upon its induction in 1995, izrek commenced ISO - compliant production in 2003 in an effort to document its level of quality in the automotive industry, and it has brought its technical and physical capacities up to international standards by acquiring the most up-to-date certifications of quality that this particular industry necessitates. Having set out with the principles of constant advancement and renovation in its vision, the company has managed to become the solution partner of some of the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry. It has pursued a goal of exceeding expectations by constantly thinking beyond the demands of its clients. Pursuing its goals of higher production speed and increased quality, it aims to meet the budgetary constraints of its clients as well, without jeopardizing its quality standards. Striving to manufacture any product flawlessly the first time and every time, the organization endeavors to wipe out all potential errors.

Built on a floor area of 2500 square meters, izrek operates with its staff more than 100 employees, each specialized in their field. The company is in a leading position as the most significant label supplier to prominent automotive brands that have manufacturing operations in Turkey. Its exports to world-leading automotive brands around the globe continue on an increasing trend as well, as a result of the important references it has acquired through time. In addition, the fact that it's the very first TS 16949 and Q1 certified label manufacturer in Turkey marks the company's leading stance in the business.


To work as an industrial label manufacturer in automotive industry with its high-quality, reliable, customer satisfaction and solution-oriented approaches by following the latest technological developments and non-compromising on environmental awareness.


To be leading company as label supplier in automotive industry all over the world.